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AWS outage creates issues from entertainment to security nationwide

Amazon Web Services on the east coast caused outages for companies and apps that rely on the "cloud" service.

PHOENIX — Issues with tech services on the east coast created a series of headaches for businesses throughout the country on Tuesday.

Amazon Web Services, which hosts sites and applications like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Music, Ticketmaster, Google, Venmo, Cash App, and others were impacted by the outages.

Amazon Web Services services create a "cloud" that many companies use as their online home. When servers went down, so did the sites that rely on the cloud.

Amazon indicated the issues were internal, and not caused by a malicious attack from outside sources.

“The virtual version of someone who tripped across a cord,” Ken Colburn with Data Doctors said.

Colburn said this is not the first outage by a massive cloud service like AWS. However, the outages are almost always caused by someone on the inside or an update to the system going wrong.

“We have yet to see a successful attack on any of these platforms,” Colburn said.

Colburn said that these cloud systems are protected because of how vital they are to our modern world. He said the servers that support them are spread out and have security making them difficult targets for bad actors.

If you do want to make sure you always have access to your data is to make sure it’s in different spots. Whether that’s another company's cloud system, your own server, or another hard drive.

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