More than any other pro sport, baseball is about stadium atmosphere, and a major part of the atmosphere is ballpark food.

With 10 Cactus League parks in the Phoenix area, there are plenty of food options, from the classic to the gourmet to the truly bizarre (but probably delicious).

Here is a list of the most interesting offering from each park:

Camelback Ranch: Dodger Dog

No disrespect to the White Sox fans who flood the Valley every spring, filling planes along with Cubs supporters, but the marquee item at Camelback Ranch is straight from Southern California.

The Dodger Dog is about as classic a food item as any in MLB, and it's delicious to boot. White Sox fans can get their fill of Chicago dogs elsewhere in the Valley.

Visit Camelback Ranch's website.

Goodyear Ballpark: Skyline Chili dog

Skyline Chili can be divisive, but this version doesn't include the controversial spaghetti bedding. It's just quality chili on a hot dog.

For folks visiting from Ohio, there's not much more to ask for.

Visit Goodyear Ballpark's food page.

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Sloan Park: Giordano's Pizza

The classic Chicago pizza joint has a miniature-sized pie available at the Cubs' spring training facility.

A bonus for those of us who aren't huge deep-dish fans: The personal pie can't get deep enough to be as sloppy as true Chicago-style pizza, but the flavors are packed in.

Visit Sloan Park's website.

Maryvale Baseball Park: Racing Sausage Sampler

The Brewers' famous racing sausages take a turn for the realistic at Maryvale Baseball Park.

It's a true taste of the upper Midwest when you wash down the sausage samples with a Miller or Leinenkugel beer.

Visit Maryvale Baseball Park's website.

Peoria Sports Complex: Craft Beer Courtyard

OK, so this isn't exactly a food item, but when your teams come from such prominent craft beer cities as Seattle and San Diego, the brews feature heavily.

There are plenty of other options at food carts throughout the ballpark if you're looking for actual sustenance.

Visit Peoria Sports Complex's website.

Hohokam Stadium: Mustache Pretzels

Want a delicious disguise? Look no further.

Four flavors make up the whole menu for the selfie-friendly snack: original, cinnamon sugar, garlic parmesan and the "Nutstache" (salted caramel and crushed nuts).

@r2.bree2 has the idea! # @athletics game today at Hohokam Stadium! # Be there, or be elsewhere! # #mustachepretzels #hellaspring

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Visit Hohokam Stadium's website.

Scottsdale Stadium: Giant Burger

The Giants' spring training home features a new over-the-top item that's not for the faint of heart.

This new concoction is a bratwurst sandwiched by burger patties.

Visit Scottsdale Stadium's website.

Surprise Stadium: High Heat Hot Dog

It's a twist on the classic ballpark dog.

The home of the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers adds sriracha-infused ketchup, jalapeño relish and pepper mustard for a little extra kick.

Visit Surprise Stadium's website.

Tempe Diablo Stadium: Baked Bear ice cream sandwiches

A new vendor is featuring all kinds of ice cream-cookie combinations.

Concoct your own dream cookie combo while you take in an Angels game.

Cookie of the month: Bear Tracks! Made with Sprinkles, Oreos and M&Ms! 🍪🍪🍪 #bakedfromscratch

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Visit Tempe Diablo Stadium's website.

Salt River Fields at Talking Stick: Sonoran Dog

The Arizona classic hot dog is the perfect pairing for a Diamondbacks ballgame.

It's a bacon-wrapped hot dog, sometimes with mayo or crema and pico de gallo -- a nice combination of fresh and savory.

Visit Salt River Fields' website.