Editor's Note: The video above is from a previous game between University of Arizona and Arizona State University.

The rivalry between Arizona State University and the University of Arizona continues well after graduation, even to some of the biggest stages in sports.

Case in point on Sunday during the NBA Western Conference semifinal game against the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors. Arguably two of the biggest names in Arizona collegiate basketball were on the court Sunday night, one playing and one coaching the opposing team.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who played at U of A in the 80s, was apparently miked up at some point in the game and was heard taking a jab at Harden for his alma mater.

"Arizona's a better school than ASU," Kerr says.

Arizona Athletics shared the video on social media, of course, saying its deserved "endless retweets" and "can't argue with facts."

Harden's response can't be heard but he appears to shake his head while leaning toward Kerr.