PHOENIX — 9-year-old Riley Morrison took the advice of her parents when she wanted to buy Steph Curry’s signature shoes and realized they were only available in the boy’s section.  

“I think that it’s important for us to instill in them that you can have anything you want if you speak up,” said Riley’s mom, Megan Lopez.

That’s when she put pen to paper and wrote the three-time NBA champion a letter letting him know that girls would like to rock his shoes as well.

The response she received was beyond anything the family could have imagined. 

“‘Because he’s so busy I thought maybe he would change it, but then he wrote back and I was speechless the moment I found out,” said Riley.

Steph Curry not only worked with Under Amour to fix the issue, he asked Riley to design a girl’s shoe that was released on International Women’s Day.

“It’s changed the way large companies promote their shoes and I hope that it inspires other young females, young men, if you see something wrong make a change,’ Lopez said.

“Simply by using your voice you can make a change, whether it’s big or small you can,” Riley added.

The effects of the letter didn’t stop there, Riley was asked to be an honorary guest at Sunday's Mercury game. For her, it was a dream come true. 

“I’ve never been to Phoenix or a WNBA game. It’s been so fun, it’s been a cool experience and something I’ll never forget,” said Riley.

“There have been times where we're sitting at home where the tears flow proud of her and full of gratitude for everyone that has taken on this story and shared this story,” said Lopez.