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Suns’ Deandre Ayton says he hasn’t spoken to Coach Monty Williams since Game 7 loss

After a messy end to last season between DA and Coach, the two still haven’t spoken.

PHOENIX — The 2022 NBA season is right around the corner, yet Coach Monty Williams and star center Deandre Ayton haven’t spoken a single word to each other for more than four months.

“I haven’t spoken to Monty,” Ayton said. “No, I haven’t spoke to him ever since the game.”

Ayton is referring to the Game 7 loss the Suns endured against the Dallas Mavericks, losing by 33 points. In that contest, Ayton only played 17 minutes and apparently was involved in a verbal altercation with Coach Williams on the sidelines.

"It's life,” Ayton said. “Nobody cares about the uncomfortable nature about it. It's how you perform and what you're going to bring to the table. What's set is already set. I'm here, man, and the only thing I can do is try my best to help these guys win."

Although Williams preached, Ayton isn’t the only player he hasn’t spoken to throughout the entirety of the offseason.

“I haven’t spoken to a lot of our guys,” Williams said. “As I said earlier this summer, they needed a break.”

It is an interesting development, though, when you realize during the summer, Ayton signed a four-year, $133 million offer. Yet DA didn’t hear from the coach after he committed to staying in the Valley.

Although Williams believes this lack of communication isn’t as big of a deal than it seems to the public.

“You have competitive people and are going to have bumps in the road,” Williams said. “Just like I’ve had with Book, Chris, Mikal, and you grow from those things.”

Now that training camp has arrived, you’d expect the two to talk and hash out any differences they have remaining. Yet Ayton didn’t seem too interested in doing exactly that when or if that situation comes about.

“I can show him better than I could tell him,” Ayton said.

Let’s just hope the play on the court will do all of the talking in 2022. 

The Suns home opener is set for Wednesday, October 19, against the very team that knocked them out of the playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks.


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