ORLANDO, Fla. — Phil Mickelson had the golf world erupting Thursday when he made quite the blunder on the 10th hole in the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. 

Mickelson is known for his risky, ambitious and often successful shots when he finds his ball in trouble. Thursday was no exception when he found his drive at the 10th underneath a boundary fence, which marked the out-of-bounds line. 

It was determined Phil's ball was in bounds under the fence, but under golf's rules, he could not get relief because the fence was marking the out-of-bounds line. 

So, Phil, a lefty, decided he would take a smash at the ball right-handed. Take a look at the result:

He appeared to strike the ball well, but it got caught in the fence, plopped out of bounds and he had no idea. Pure enjoyment for golf fans of all levels.

Now that the ball was out of bounds, under golf's new rules, he was given a club length to drop it from in order to move out from underneath the fence. 

In short, Phil played a shot to avoid having to take an out of bounds penalty only to hit that shot out of bounds. 

Mickelson went on to make a double bogey, which for most casual golfers, could've been a lot worse.

He also finished his round 4-under par and finds himself just three shots off the lead. He might be 48 years old, but he has lost none of it, folks.