As we leave the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang in the past, it's time to flip the switch on the countdown clock for the Summer Olympics.

In T minus 2 years (give or take some time), we'll be headed back to Asia for Tokyo 2020.

Here are a few fast facts (via NBC News) to hold you over until July 24, 2020:

  • This will mark the second time Tokyo has hosted the Olympics, but the third time the city was actually awarded the games. Tokyo hosted the Olympics once before in 1964.
  • Voting for the 2020 Summer Olympics mascot is over and the winner will be revealed Wednesday, Feb. 28.

  • There will be well over 300 gold medals at the 2020 Olympics, which will apparently be made from collected phones and other electronics.

NBC writes:

Precious metal from phones and other electronic devices is being salvaged and recycled to produce the gold, silver, and bronze medals that will be presented to winning athletes.
  • Sorry swimmers, no Michael Phelps (as far as we know!)

New meets old when it comes to sports

  • Skateboarding (Shaun White?) will make it's Olympics debut along with surfing, sport climbing and karate.
  • There will be new events to long existing sports too (3-on-3 basketball, anyone?)
  • Both baseball and softball are back!

It's too early to tell what the competition will be at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but by the look of it, these games are gearing up to be one of the biggest and "most futuristic" Olympics yet.

We can't wait.