In South Korea for the Winter Olympics, Team 12’s Paul Gerke isn’t getting much sleep.

So when he found himself in need of a pick-me-up with no time to grab coffee, he got himself a Korean energy drink.

Well, actually, he couldn’t be too sure of that. The back label only had four English words: neuropathy, glucose, tolerance and impairment.

Naturally, he drank the entire thing.

The drink, called Bacchus-D, contains sugar, Guarana extract, royal jelly and apple juice, among other things.

The small bottle also contains 2000 mg of taurine — the main ingredient in many energy drinks. That’s double the amount found in a can of Red Bull.

Apparently, all those ingredients together taste like a Jäegerbomb. Though, unlike a Jäegerbomb, the drink made him feel pretty energetic.