Paul Gerke's Olympic trip to South Korea took him to the area known as Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the mile-wide barrier between South and North Korea.

The DMZ was set up in 1953 after the fighting ended in the Korean War. Paul said "No superlative can describe the experience."

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Despite a temporary photo ban after entering the DMZ, Paul shared photos and video when he could of his experience.

He took a video moments before crossing the line into North Korea.

Paul said monuments near the DMZ memorialize the tragic division of North and South Korea.

The last train to leave North Korea for the South. It was derailed by bombs and littered with 1,020 bullets.

A barbed fence covered in ribbons and flags bearing names of loved ones and well-wishes for peace and reunification.

He did attempt to tweet from the DMZ.

It was an experience Paul will probably never forget.

"Wow!," he said in a Facebook Live after leaving the DMZ.

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