Carli Lloyd and the U.S. women's soccer team look for their third straight gold medal when they open play against New Zealand on August 3 at the Rio Olympics.

Lloyd is always on the clock, and the veteran soccer player knows that minutes and seconds really do matter.

And while time never stops, never pauses, the same can be said the Team USA captain Lloyd.

"I have to outwork everyone on a daily basis," Lloyd said. "What gives me strength and mental toughness is knowing that I clock in more hours than anyone else."

In 2015, she became a trivia question in just 16 minutes. Lloyd is the only woman and just the second player of any gender to score a hat trick in a FIFA World Cup final.

It was her biggest performance on the biggest stage.

"Those are the moments that I live for. Not to say that I don't put in the effort in the group matches and other matches. Those moments, those pressure moments are where I have this switch inside of me that goes off and it elevates my game 10 times more," said Lloyd.

That is saying something, because she and the U.S. Women's National Team are already incredibly successful.

Most recently they won the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup.

But Lloyd says to be able to take things even further and win another gold medal, they'll have to be ever better.

"It's just the evolution of the game, we have to be," Lloyd said. "The challenge is that no national team has ever won the world cup and then gone on to win an Olympics."

With Lloyd at the helm, they have a great chance.

Great leaders lead by example, and there is arguably no better leader than Lloyd to model a team after.

At 33, she has learned what it takes to be the best. She rarely takes time off from training, she asks family members not to come to big tournaments so she can focus on her play, and she never feels satisfied that she's done enough.

"I think as a professional athlete and as someone at the top who wants to keep climbing at the top, you can't really sit down and reflect," Lloyd said. "Because the moment you sit down and reflect and pat yourself on the back, then you're not going to be as good as you can be."

Few are as good as Lloyd, who has clearly gotten the most out of the time she's put in.

"I continue to train like an underdog. I continue to play like an underdog. I continue to not believe that I have accomplished anything. And I think that is what has enabled me to keep going," she said.