Adeline Gray is a wrestler.

When she tells people, she often gets a funny look and a question: “women wrestle at the Olympics?”

In 2012, Gray was already one of the best wrestlers in the world but didn't have the chance to compete. Her weight class wasn't part of Olympic wrestling then, but is now.

Gray's whole family is traveling to Rio.

They’ve worked hard to help her raise the money to pursue her Olympic dreams. She says most people don’t realize that athletes and their families have to fund so much of their trip.

Those Olympic Rings have been calling for a long time, and now Gray finally has a chance to write her name into Olympic history.

"We want to be on top of that podium," said Gray. "Women’s wrestling for USA does not have a gold medalist. I want to be up there and hopefully it’s not just me."

Her unconventional journey began in kindergarten.

"I was 6 when I started wrestling for Bear Creek Junior League," Gray said.

That was her first "official" team, but she started training long before in the living room.

"My dad was my wrestling coach for most of my life," said Gray. "He was the youngest of seven boys. He had four daughters when he didn’t know what to do we would all wrestle."

Gray didn't have an opportunity to compete against elite women in the early years, She was always the one girl against all the guys.

But she says it served her well.

"I would not have the opportunity to get as good as I am if I hadn’t trained with those boys," said Gray, "so I owe a lot to those boys who stepped on the mat with me every single day and gave me the opportunity to get better."

As a little girl, Gray would go to school with black eyes and bruises, but says she never considered quitting.

Now she's a three-time world champion who has earned a voice that she hopes will only get stronger and help grow women's wrestling.

Her message to girls out there:

"Just the idea that they can pick – that this is an option, this is a sport they can excel in and have opportunities like education. They can have Olympic aspirations. Competing for Olympic gold has made me confident and every girl deserves that dream."

A t-shirt proudly proclaims her single focus and the time for Gray to answer the call is getting close.

"I want that feeling back to be the best girl in the world one more time and know all my hard work paid off," she said.