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Need to use Uber and Lyft in Phoenix during Super Bowl week? Experts offer tips for drivers and passengers

The demand for rideshares across the Valley is expected to be high.

ARIZONA, USA — People will begin flocking to Phoenix in early February for all the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl and the WM Phoenix Open. The demand for rideshares across the Valley is expected to be high.

12News spoke with one Valley rideshare driver who said he upgraded his vehicle specifically for the expected boom in business.

“For me, I’m so excited because that’s the reason I bought a bigger vehicle, so yes, I could get more rides and more opportunities,” said Benjamin Macarthy.

One big question is can drivers meet the demand between the two huge events and all the others surrounding the week?

“I’m 100% sure the amount of rideshare drivers are not going to be enough for the demand,” said Sergio Avedian, a Senior Contributor with The Rideshare Guy.

The Rideshare Guy is an online blog and community for rideshare drivers and people who work in the gig economy.

Avedian said the week is expected to be extremely profitable for drivers, but it won’t lack challenges. The main one will be traffic.

Avedian has been a rideshare driver for years and is based in Los Angeles, which was the site of last year’s Super Bowl.

He said he made more money driving on the outskirts of the stadium compared to other drivers he knows who drove closer to the stadium. He suggests Phoenix drivers who are looking to profit should do the same.

“Stay away from the stadium, stay away from designated pick-up areas; once you get stuck, you’re not maximizing your earnings,” said Avedian.

He suggests taking advantage of other events and parties where people will be visiting.

If you’re planning to be a passenger during the week of the golf tournament or the big game he said you could help your chances of a smoother ride.

Avedian suggests passengers can help their drivers by walking a quarter or half a mile away from popular pick-up zones. This will allow your driver to spend less time in traffic getting to you. He also shares you should try coordinating with your driver through the app by texting or calling to help locate the best pick-up spot.

Avedian said patience would be key during the week, but it should be really profitable for drivers. 

Passengers should expect high prices and high wait times, according to him.

“To Phoenix drivers, I would say enjoy the money because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Avedian.

If you're interested in driving for the apps, Avedian said there should be time to upload your information and get approved.

Uber sent the following statement about the expected busy week.

“The Super Bowl presents one-of-a-kind challenges. We’re working with the City of Phoenix and the NFL to help forecast demand and identify ways to improve the stadium’s rideshare operation. We’re also rolling out promotions for drivers to increase earnings and help meet the demand, but fans may encounter higher wait times and prices, and we’d encourage people to consider transportation options and plan accordingly,” according to an Uber spokesman.

Lyft declined to participate in this story.

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