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How much does it cost to go to the Super Bowl?

According to Bookies.com, the lowest average cost for two adults to attend Super Bowl LVII is a whopping $18,098.66 on tickets, airfare, lodging, parking, and snacks

YORK, Pa. — If you're dreaming of making the trip to Arizona to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII, you'd better bring your checkbook.

A trip to a Super Bowl is one of the most expensive endeavors out there for sports fans. And this year's game is no exception.

According to Bookies.com, the lowest average cost for two adults to attend Super Bowl LVII is a whopping $18,098.66 on tickets, airfare, lodging, parking and/or ride service, two hotdogs and two beers.

To make the trip from Philly to Phoenix, the average cost is a tiny bit cheaper, with an average cost of $17,480.16, Bookies.com said.

Here's the breakdown from Bookies.com:


As of Monday, two last-row tickets for the Super Bowl were averaging $14,080 ($7,040 each). Those numbers were averaged out from listings posted at TicketMaster, SeatGeek and StubHub (and included site fees). 

Two last-row tickets in the lower bowl average out to just north of $24,000 ($12,000 each), Bookies.com said.

Flying to Phoenix

The two cheapest round-trip tickets from Kansas City to Phoenix for a Friday-to-Monday excursion ran for $2,700. 

Two tickets from Philadelphia to Phoenix came out to a more-affordable $1,463. 

To find the best realistic deal, Bookies.com priced out two round-trip tickets from the local metro airports into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport using budget travel site Kayak.com, and excluded flights that were overnighters and those that included over 10 hours of total one-way travel time. 

Getting a Hotel Room

Bookies.com took three of the biggest chain hotels -- Hilton, Marriott and IHG -- and averaged the prices of their cheapest available rooms within 20 miles of State Farm Stadium, the site of the Super Bowl.

Very few rooms were available within 15 miles of the stadium, and the average cost of two nights at the cheapest remaining properties came out to $888.33 per night. 

That’s $1,776.66 for two evenings.

Ride-sharing and Parking Costs

Parking at the stadium on Super Bowl Sunday is as low as $100 for “Tier 2” spots, which isn't bad, according to Bookies.com.

For those who plan to get dropped off at the game, estimates for taxi, Uber and other similar services come out to about $100.

Food and Drinks at the Stadium

Want to wash down some food with a sudsy adult beverage? Expect to pay nearly the cost of a 24-pack for a single 16 ouncer. 

A 24-pack of Bud Light at retail stores runs about $22.99, according to Bookies.com. One Bud Light at the Super Bowl is likely to run about $17.50. Buying a round of two beers will set you back about $35. 

Soda isn’t nearly as pricey, and in fact has a level of affordability similar to regular season NFL games. The cost of a 20-ouncer is $7.50, or $15 for two.  

A hot dog at last year’s Super Bowl went for $12. Expect a higher price due to inflation and the NFL’s knowledge that people will pay more, to the tune of $12.75.

That markup goes well beyond the 33% seen above for drinks. 

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