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Here's how to walk from one Super Bowl Experience to the other

Most of the roadways connecting the Convention Center to Hance Park are a straight shot. Here's what to look for on the way.

PHOENIX — Editor's note: The above video aired during a previous broadcast.

Two of the biggest Super Bowl events are happening just a stone's throw away from each other. And with many of downtown Phoenix's roadways expected to close or fill up with traffic, walking is your best bet.

We charted out the roughly 15-minute walk from the Phoenix Convention Center to the Super Bowl Experience at Hance Park so you don't have to!

Starting at the Convention Center

If you want to make the brief walk, the north exit of the Super Bowl Experience is going to be the best place to start.

That gate will put you out onto the corner of 3rd and Monroe streets. Here you can take a left towards 2nd Street, or just keep going straight ahead.

Credit: 12News
Sign at the corner of Monroe & 2nd streets.

Either way you go, you'll see plenty of these bright orange signs posted along the route.

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Keep going north past Van Buren Street towards Fillmore Street, and the trip will take you through the Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus

Once you reach Fillmore Street, head over to either 1st or 2nd streets for a straight shot to Hance Park. 

Credit: 12News
Sign posted at 2nd and McKinley streets.

The 12-foot-tall orange and blue blocks pointing out the way to go are hard to miss!

After Fillmore, your next major street is Roosevelt: And this is a great place to get distracted!

Roosevelt Row is Phoenix's premier arts district, and the street is home to scores of businesses and restaurants for you to enjoy.

And trust us, you'll know it when you see it!

Credit: 12News
Teddy Roosevelt mural on Roosevelt Street.

Once you pass Roosevelt Row, the end is in sight. Literally! By now you should be able to see the gates to the Super Bowl Experience at Hance Park.

If you're walking up 1st Street you'll be able to spot Gate B, and if you're going up 2nd Street you should see Gate C at the end of the road.

Once you reach Portland Street, the rest of the roadway will be closed off leading up to the gates.

Credit: 12News
Gate B located on 1st Street.

If you're going up 1st Street to Gate B, you'll be able to see the Burton Barr Central Library just past the park.

And if you took 2nd Street, you're going to see the giant Super Bowl saguaro cactus set up for the big event.

If these gates are full, or if you just want to see a bit more spectacle, you can follow Portland Street west towards Central Avenue. Take a right onto that sidewalk and make your way north towards a ramp leading down on your right.

That pathway will take you down and under Central Avenue where Hance Park opens up to the main gates of the Super Bowl Experience.

Credit: 12News
The Main Gate of the Super Bowl Experience under Central Avenue.

This adds about five minutes to your walk, but getting to see the park all done up is so worth it. And with roughly twice as many points of entry, the lines at the main gate should (hopefully) move a lot faster!

The Super Bowl Experience at Hance Park will open Thursday, Feb. 9 from 2-10 p.m. The event runs through Super Bowl Sunday and features concerts from Jimmy Eat World, Gin Blossoms, Lee Brice, Major Lazer, and more.

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Scottsdale will be home to the Historic Old Town ESPN Main Street Tailgate and the Tailgate Time Machine block party. 

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In Tempe, the FanDuel Party at Tempe Beach Park on Feb. 10 will feature a carnival atmosphere with games, music and more.  

Meanwhile, Glendale will host the Super Bowl itself, and city officials told 12News Glendale has had the explosive growth it needs to match it

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