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Staff picks: Predicting where the Arizona Cardinals finish the year

A couple of our staff members are putting the team in the playoffs this year, but most of us are not. Check out our predictions for the Cardinals season.
Credit: AP
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray throws a pass during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Minnesota Vikings, Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Last year was tumultuous for the Arizona Cardinals. We all know that. The team finished last in the NFL, fired it's offensive coordinator in the middle of the year and fired its first-year head coach once the season ended.

It was bad. 

The organization took every risk in the book by hiring former Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, trading away quarterback Josh Rosen after his rookie year and drafting former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick.

Will those risks pay off? 

Our staff members predict the Cardinals record this season:

Bruce Cooper, Sports Anchor: 10-6, Wild Card playoff berth

The Cardinals were not only, statistically, the worst offensive unit in football last year but they were painful to watch as well. One draft pick has changed all of that.

Yes, I’m talking about Kyler Murray.  Murray truly is a playmaker and a difference maker.  As a result the Cardinals will have an exciting, high scoring offense that will help produce a double-digit winning season.

Paul Gerke, Cardinals Locker Room Host, Today in AZ Anchor: 5-11

Better than last year, but still not good enough to make a run at the NFC West. Unless the division takes a big step backward, it’s tough to find more than half-a-dozen winnable games on the schedule. 

Arizona faces a gauntlet in the final month, too. It’s possible the Cards end the year on a 5-game losing skid.

There are too many rookies/unknowns on this roster to make a bolder prediction. We’ll have a much better idea of where this franchise is headed next year. In the meantime, the goal should be to get Kyler Murray into his first offseason healthy.

Chierstin Susel, Sports Reporter: 5-11

There are a lot of unknowns with this team and hey, they could surprise some people along the way. But, the Cardinals defense isn’t surprising anyone. They’re projected to be among the worst in the league and I believe will be a big reason why they finish below .500.

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Cameron Cox, Sports Anchor, Reporter: 6-10

When installing anything “new"…it takes time to work out all the kinks. It takes time to find an identity.

There’s A LOT of new to this Cardinals roster. New head coach, new offense, new quarterback, new players.. especially on defense.

This team needs to PROVE they can be physical on defense, stop the run, protect Kyler Murray and Kyler/Kliff need to be Kyler/Kliff.

That’s a lot to prove right off the back… so baby steps to 6 wins, but lets keep those 10 losses close.

Jeff Schneider, Executive Sports Producer: 6-10

Cards will be much more exciting to watch offensively this year. I think the teams weakness will be on the defensive side. Lack of experience at corner without Peterson and Alford will prove costly.

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Matt Johnson, Senior Sports Producer: 10-6, Wild Card playoff berth

Last year's Cardinals team was some of the most unwatchable, nauseating football anyone has ever seen. But, they still won three games and they were just a play or two away from a win in four other games. 

That’s a lot to say for a team that had no clue on offense. This year will be much better from that standpoint and I like them to win those close games and add a few more for the best turn around in the NFL In 2019.  

Cam La Fontaine, Social/Web Producer: 6-10

The Cardinals are missing cornerback Patrick Peterson for the first six weeks due to suspension. Their No. 2 cornerback Robert Alford got injured during training camp. Their offensive line needs work. 

I believe in Kyler Murray as much as anyone, except maybe Coop, but when an NFL team is weak at both offensive line and cornerback, it’s hard to justify predicting a playoff-caliber season. Cards double up their wins from last season.

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