PHOENIX — Outside of Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals receivers have not been very good in recent years.   The team has tried to bolster the position in the off-season through the draft--Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler, KeeSean Johnson--and through free agency--Kevin White and reportedly Michael Crabtree.

White is a wild gamble, considering his injury history.   He played in only 14 games since the Chicago Bears drafted him 7th overall in the 2015 draft.   He came out of West Virginia with blazing speed and a high volume of big plays on his resume.   But 2 different leg fractures and a fractured shoulder blade have put the 'draft bust' label firmly on his career.

White tells 12 News he's healthy and ready to go, admits he's been frustrated by the start of his career, but says "Rome wasn't built in a day" and he vows that he will fight through it and "make everyone else pay for it".

White says he'll go 100 miles per hour this season and if he does, he may shed that "draft bust" label after all.