PHOENIX- The connection between head coach and general manager is paramount to the success of an organization.

If you subscribe to that philosophy, you won't have any trouble figuring out why the Arizona Cardinals have become so good over the past few seasons.

"First and foremost, they have a trust factor between each other," said Larry Fitzgerald. "Coach Arians has a blueprint and I think the way we draft and the way we sign free agents kind of fits that blueprint."

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It's a blueprint for success, and Arians and Keim are seemingly always on the same page.

It's about maximizing a players potential and trusting the process.

"As long as you believe in the player, and you believe in your grade, and you believe in your eyes, that's all that matters," said Keim.

Since Keim and Arians joined the Cardinals organization, the team has become known for finding hidden gems in the NFL Draft and for finding the right free agents to not only fit their football team, but that fit their philosophy as well.

"They understand the game, and understand football so much on a different level," said Deone Bucannon.

"Picking guys that you don't hear about a lot in the media, just giving them a chance. Seeing a lot more out of them than what a lot of other scouts or coaches are seeing," said David Johnson.

Trusting the process and the blueprint has helped turn the Cardinals into a NFL powerhouse.

"You look over the last three years. 10 wins the first year, 11 wins the second year, 13 wins the third year and hopefully Super Bowl this year," said Fitzgerald with a smile.

With the way this Cardinals team is built, Super Bowl talk certainly is warranted.