The picture of college basketball is not a pretty one.

According to the FBI, coaches at some of the nation's top programs were taking cash bribes.

Louisville reacted by essentially firing Head Coach Rick Pitino and Athletic Director Tom Jurich.

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COOPINION by Bruce Cooper

The federal investigation may level the playing field and clean up the sport.

There's a perception that when one coach cheats, another coach is losing his job if her doesn't cheat. You win with top-notch players, and if you're not getting those players, you're not winning enough games to keep your job.

As it relates to the University of Arizona, I have prised Wildcats Head Coach Sean Miller for his ability to recruit some of the best players in the nation to Tucson.

In fact, his last recruiting class was ranked number one in the nation.

But the fact that one of his assistant coaches has been indicted in this scandal, I now find myself asking the question if it was Miller or the money that got those 5-start recruits to Tucson.

I think they should do away with this one-and-done rule in college basketball. It's a big reason for all of this cheating and corruption.

Let the high school players go straight to the NBA. That will eliminate a lot of this cheating and the dirty money exchanging hands.

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Would ending the NBA's one-and-done rule clean up the game? The rule states players must be one year removed from high school.

Should NCAA players be paid? How is the rate decided?

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