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'Players wouldn't have played for him': Suns fans react to Sarver's plans to sell teams

Maybe for him to sell the team was kind of an admission, one fan said.

PHOENIX — Robert Sarver is selling the Pheonix Suns and Mercury, announcing his plans a week after the NBA released the findings of an investigation launched last year after an ESPN article accused him of racism and sexism in the workplace. 

The 43-page long report was made up of interviews with 320 people, including people who worked under Sarver during his 18-year tenure with the Suns.

The news about Sarver selling the teams has garnered a lot of attention from basketball fans across the area. And many weren't shy about how they felt about Wednesday's announcement.

"Maybe for him to sell the team was kind of an admission," said Patrick.

"I think it's a good thing for the organization and for Sarver too, he needs to reflect on life," said Jeff. "I didn't think he would sell, but I think the pressure and where we're at in this world he was forced to."

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The NBA, in response to the investigation, suspended Sarver from all NBA and WNBA activities for a year and fined the owner $10 million. 

Ultimately, he chose to sell the teams after pressure from athletes and the community. 

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"I don't think he had a choice because the players wouldn't have played for him," said Gary. "If you're a player and that's the kind of owner you have, is that really a person you want to work for?"

To some, the NBA's punishment didn't quite fit what had been found.

"It seemed kind of light," said Patrick.

So, hearing Sarver's announcement is a positive step forward, they said, that came at the right time.

"It sounds like he's doing the right thing," said Jeff.

"Actually, doing it now will help them quite a bit and it'll help them recruit some new players," said Gary.

Now fans hope the focus can be on the season ahead, putting this distraction behind us all.

"As a leader, you don't want your players to be distracted, you want wins," said Jeff.

"Hopefully it removes whatever cloud is sitting on Phoenix because that's not what Phoenix is all about," said Patrick.


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