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Cleveland Cavaliers SF LeBron James says Donald Trump's remarks are 'trash talk'

LeBron James says Donald Trump's remarks about women are "trash talk," not "locker room talk."

<p>LeBron James says Donald Trump's remarks about women are "trash talk," not "locker room talk."</p>

CLEVELAND -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has caught the ire of many around the country for outlandish remarks in the past, and he did so again recently when attributing disparaging and lewd remarks about women as “locker room talk.”

Athletes around the sports world have come out in response to Trump’s remarks, which came to light in a video distributed to the media last week, and Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James became the latest to speak on the matter, when he addressed the comments following practice at Cleveland Clinic Courts on Wednesday.

“What is locker room talk to me? It’s not what that guy said,” James said flatly. “We don’t disrespect women in no shape or fashion in our locker room. That never comes up. Obviously, I’ve got a mother-in-law, a wife, a mom and a daughter, and those conversations just don’t go on in our locker room.”

Now in his 14th NBA season out of Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, James has been in locker rooms all over the world, representing the Cavaliers and Miami Heat in exhibition games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Beijing, China and other international cities.

Also, James has been on the international stage as part of Team USA in three Olympic tournaments in Athens, Greece (2004), Beijing (2008) and London, England (2012).

And in none of those situations did James ever hear the type of talk that Trump said on the recently released clip.

To James, locker room talk is playful banter among teammates, not derogatory or lewd conversations about personal matters.

“What goes on in our locker room is sporting events that happened the night before, about family, about strategies that we may have that night, about a highlight that may have happened, if there was a home run in the bottom of the ninth or there was an alley-oop dunk from a player the night before,” James said.

“That’s what happens in our locker room, but what that guy was saying, I don’t know what that is. That’s trash talk.”

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