PHOENIX - The first big fight of the 2019 NASCAR season just happened at Phoenix ISM Raceway...during qualifying.

That's right. Drivers Daniel Suarez and Michael McDowell apparently got heated out in the desert during qualifying while jostling for starting position and let it loose after they confronted each other outside of their cars.

Check out the video:

Suarez walks over to McDowell and appears to raise an issue and then McDowell just goes for the jugular. Then Suarez actually gets a pretty good take-down out of it. That's when someone from McDowell's crew throws Suarez onto the hood of McDowell's car and holds him down while McDowell gets up and tries to pull Suarez off the car by pulling his leg.

After the fight, McDowell interviewed with reporters and said the two discussed their issue and let it go.

The most amusing part? The two were at an Arizona Coyotes hockey game together the night before. 

Apparently, Suarez said in an interview afterward they both went to the hockey game with a group, but they didn't go together.