The Scottsdale Stadium, home to the San Francisco Giants during spring training, is getting a makeover.

The City of Scottsdale just approved the $30 million dollar budget at a meeting Tuesday night.

The city has already paid $5 million in design work to plan the renovations.

The improved stadium will have more shade for spectators and a new clubhouse. There will also be field renovations, so the stadium can be used for more special events.

“That’s our first priority, is to make that acceptable for the baseball team. The second thing is, we want to enhance the fan experience there," Bill Murphy, director of community services for the City of Scottsdale, said. "This is really just to kind of keep the stadium up to current levels we all expect and enjoy for spring training.”

The $30 million from the city will be added to $2.7 million the Scottsdale Charros have contributed and the $15 million provided by the Giants.

Renovations should be done in time for the 2020 spring training season in the Valley.

Murphy said this is only the first phase of renovations. The stadium was last renovated in 2005.