PHOENIX - The MLB trade deadline is right around the corner and the Arizona Diamondbacks have several commodities that might be worth something to teams performing at a higher level.

This includes starting pitchers Robbie Ray and Zack Greinke as well as position players like Adam Jones, David Peralta and now Jarrod Dyson that could be potential trade pawns for prospects or pitching help. Rumors have bubbled up over the past few weeks as multiple teams have showed interest in D-backs players, especially Ray, per reports. 

The 27-year-old lefty is 8-6 with a 3.92 ERA and 152 strikeouts in 21 games (117 innings pitched).

The D-backs sit at 50-50, 4-5 since the All-Star Break, and the team that not many expected to be in contention for a playoff spot is just two games out of the NL Wild Card. 

So should this team be selling at the trade deadline even though it could be a playoff team? Should the team be buying, trading for a high profile player(s) while potentially giving up prospects and young players? Or should the team do nothing at all?

D-backs manager Torey Lovullo spoke last week about how good he feels about his team right now, saying he is "pounding the table" for his guys in the clubhouse. 

Our 12 Sports Staff gives their takes on what the D-backs should do at the trade deadline. 

Bruce Cooper, Sports Anchor: Do not sell

With the National League wildcard playoff race so heavily contested there’s no way the Diamondbacks should be sellers, particularly as it relates to their pitching staff.  

With injuries to starting pitchers Luke Weaver, Tijuan Walker and Jon Duplantier the D-backs have virtually no depth.  

So to trade Robbie Ray or Zack Greinke would leave a tremendous hole to fill.

No doubt rookie left-hander Alex Young has been a godsend with his spectacular play, however, his play should be looked at as a bonus and nothing more.

The only trade(s) the D-backs should make or attempt to make should involve one of their veteran outfielders (Adam Jones, David Peralta, Jarrod Dyson) for additional pitching help. It simply makes no sense for the D-backs to be sellers when they are very much a part of the playoff picture. Buy more pitching or stand pat!

Chierstin Susel, Sports Reporter: Sell

The Diamondbacks have shown flashes of being a great team but have lacked consistency, especially when it comes to their bullpen. They’re not out of the wild card chase just yet, but their potential to be a post-season team looks less and less likely.

Cameron Cox, Sports Anchor, Reporter: Don't buy/Maybe sell

I don’t see the D-backs being buyers at the trading deadline, but I can see them selling off top talent, like Robbie Ray, David Peralta or Zack Greinke for a HUGE return. If not, stay the course.  

Jeff Schneider, Executive Sports Producer: Buy

They are close enough in the Wild Card Race that they may as well go for it. With Greinke pitching a Wild Card game they have a good chance of advancing and playing in all probability the Dodgers. That’s a team they know pretty well and may have a chance of beating in a playoff series.

Matt Johnson, Senior Sports Producer: Sell

The Diamondbacks have champagne dreams on a Miller High Life budget.   They have no good assets to use to be buyers right now, although they should be buyers, considering how close they are to the wild card. Undoubtedly, the D-backs are 100 percent sellers.   

Cam La Fontaine, Social/Web Producer: Sell

This was never supposed to be a playoff team and it won’t be down the stretch with this bullpen. Sell now, get a haul for Robbie Ray (you won't miss him) and any other veterans that teams are willing to pay up for.

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