PHOENIX - There's a rain delay at Chase Field and the official season hasn't even started yet, so how is that possible?

While Arizonans are praising the rain and spring training visitors are wondering where the iconic Arizona sunshine is, a shipment of new sod for Chase Field is stuck in California because of all of the recent rain to hit the Southwest.

Turf installers say it rained for a good five hours in one stretch in California this week where they keep the grass, so they had to wait while it dried out. John Marman with West Coast Turf estimates they'll have to wait about a day before laying down the new warm season grass.

"Of course, the one time you're coming out here to do this job, you get a heck of a lot of rain," Marman said. "We got a pretty good downpour of rain, about five hours last night and our field is actually under water right now."

Speaking of the new grass, installers say it will have a more uniform look from the start to the end of Diamondbacks season. They say it'll be much easier for groundskeepers to care for.

Three other MLB teams use this same sod, which is said to perform well in stadiums with rooftops. Those teams are the Atlanta Braves, Houston Astros and Florida Marlins. Turf installers say the goal is to grow the grass locally in Arizona some day.

The official start of the Diamondbacks' season is scheduled to start on Thursday, March 29, at Chase Field. The D-backs will take on the Colorado Rockies.