The grass at Chase Field is going to look a little different in 2019.

The Arizona Diamondbacks announced that the team will install a new synthetic grass in the ballpark for the upcoming season.

Fans can expect the new turf to be ready for Opening Day 2019.

According to a release from the D-backs, the state-of-the-art synthetic grass is in partnership with Shaw Sports Turf and is designed specifically for baseball.

The Diamondbacks pointed to their challenges with growing natural grass in the climate and stadium as one of the reasons for making the switch.

The synthetic grass is also expected to reduce the team's water consumption by nearly two million gallons, according to the D-backs' release.

"Research has shown the performance and health benefits associated with playing on this surface that did not previously exist, which factored heavily into our decision," said D-backs President & CEO Derrick Hall. “Additionally, our ability to keep the roof closed during the summer months will allow Chase Field to remain at a perfect temperature for our fans, which has become increasingly difficult over the last several years."

A benefit of the new “Batting a Thousand” Natural Turf (B1K) is that it provides players the ability to have a more natural playing posture and motion, creating less fatigue on their bodies, the release said.

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