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Are the Cardinals going to give Kyler Murray the Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen treatment?

Locked On Cardinals podcast hosts Bo Brack and Alex Clancy explain what's going on between the Cardinals, Kyler Murray and media reports and why it will continue.

PHOENIX — The Kyler Murray drama with the Arizona Cardinals continues to be a segment in daily sports talk shows in Arizona and nationally as reports over Super Bowl weekend projected some harsh lighting on Arizona's 24-year-old quarterback. 

So where do we stand right now?

Bo Brack and Alex Clancy of the Locked On Cardinals podcast joined the Locked On Today podcast with Peter Bukowski on Thursday to give everyone the lowdown on what's happening and where this is all going.

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Kyler Murray, as you've probably heard, deleted everything Cardinals-related from his Instagram earlier this month as murmurs started that there was a rift between the quarterback and the organization. The rumor mills had reasons for this in two parts. One part is the poor finish to the season and the embarrassing playoff loss to the Rams. The other is that this is the first year that Murray, selected No. 1 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, is eligible for a contract extension worth mega millions.

Over the weekend, ESPN's Chris Mortensen put out a report saying Murray is frustrated by the franchise and that sources describe Murray as finger-pointing and self-centered and immature. 

That led the Cardinals to release a statement through ProFootballTalk backing Kyler Murray.

And finally Kyler Murray three days ago posted on social media saying, "All of this nonsense is not what I'm about."

"This is the first year he’s eligible for his mega-million dollar extension and it looks like his market value is $43 million dollars," Bo Brack said on the Locked On Today podcast. "You’ve got two sides that are playing nice on social media, but a lot of mudslinging going on through reports, by inside reports…saying some very unflattering things about this quarterback that has this fanbase now divided on whether or not they should extend him with all that guaranteed money, the Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen treatment."

So, is this drama over? Or where does it evolve from here? Brack said until pen is put to paper, this drama will probably continue. 

"I think all those reports are being placed strategically,": Brack said. "Until the pen is put to paper here on a new deal, things aren’t going to calm down. The two parties themselves can say all the nice things they want to about each other, but there’s still going to be leaks, there’s still going to be things said about Kyler Murray that are not nice and there's going to be things in the shadow of the doubt on whether he wants to be in Arizona."

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While the drama has led some fans to feel wary about the Cardinals giving Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen money to Kyler Murray, Locked On Cardinals co-host Alex Clancy said the deal needs to happen as soon as possible.

“They need to put pen to paper and I think fans need to remember this is going to be the best quarterback that the Cardinals have ever had if he continues on the journey that he is on," Clancy said on Locked On Today.

For reference, Patrick Mahomes signed a contract extension that starting in 2022, will make him an average of $45 million per year. Buffalo's Josh Allen signed a contract extension that will make him north of $43 million per year.

Those two contracts show where the QB market is heading for young franchise quarterbacks like Kyler Murray. There's just a question now of when the Cardinals and Murray will agree to a new deal. Until the two sides do, the guys over at the Locked On Cardinals podcast say the mudslinging will continue through media reports. 

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