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12News goes 1-on-1 with former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

Brewer sat down with 12News' Tram Mai to talk about the state of politics in Arizona and across the country.

PHOENIX — Jan Brewer has always been open and candid when she was Arizona's governor from 2009 to 2015, and she still is.

On Thursday, Brewer sat down with 12News' Tram Mai to talk about the state of politics and elections in our country and Arizona.

Tram Mai: Can I ask who you voted for?

Jan Brewer: I'm a Republican!

Tram Mai: Even though you did not agree with how Kari Lake's message and the campaign, you still voted for her? Why is that?

Jan Brewer:  Well, I, you know, give her a chance. I guess, you know, I was very disappointed in her rhetoric. But I thought if she did win, possibly, we could have some dialogue, and people would tone it down. Katie Hobbs has a history. She knows how the legislature works. She can read the bill. She knows about appropriation. She knows the issues. And she knows the departments, you know, so she's, she's got some underlying attributes that are going to there's going to be helpful to her.

Tram Mai: Are you hopeful she will make a good leader?

Jan Brewer: Absolutely. I, you know, she is going to be our governor; She's gonna get sworn in. And, you know, I want her to be successful because I want Arizona to be successful. And no, we're not going to probably agree on everything, or we're not going to agree on how we get there. But I think that that's what everybody should feel she's elected. And now, we need to get behind her and hope she does the right thing. And if not, hopefully, I will have the opportunity to speak to her. And she will listen about what it is that we don't like, and maybe we could do it a little bit differently.

Tram Mai: What advice would you give her?

Jan Brewer: Oh, as far as being governor, first of all, it's different than serving as Secretary of State. You have no time to yourself, none whatsoever. I think one of the most important things that she's got to know is that she's got us to surround herself with real policy people, people that can give her all the information she needs and be able to condense it. But more than that, she's going to have to be able to tell her staff that she's going to have to have some free time because they have a tendency to schedule you 24/7. So I would tell her from the get-go to sit down and say, "I'm going to have X amount of time, whether it's two hours a day or two hours at night extra or whatever." And there are always exceptions, but you have to have time for yourself. Or you just totally running on empty fumes?

Tram Mai: What was the best advice that you ever got?

Jan Brewer:  I think probably to be very cognizant of what my later leadership position was, and that I was affecting so many people's lives, and that I needed to know that it wasn't just about me. It was about the people of Arizona, and I tried to do that every day. It wasn't party related. It was about the people of Arizona and what it is that they need, and what can I do to make a difference.

Tram Mai: What does this past election tell you about Arizona voters?

Jan Brewer: Well, I think that it tells us that Arizona voters are not as far right, are they as far left as it one would suspect. And that basically people are just looking for good, great leadership. And I know now that we all know that, you know, there are more independents and Republicans. So that's the bulk of the population. And so people want to be more moderated. They don't want the extremes on either side.

Tram Mai: And it seemed Kari Lake went more to the extreme demo. She has not conceded yet. In fact, she wants to file a lawsuit. What would you say to her? What do you make of that?

Jan Brewer: I don't understand why you're doing it. I mean, why are you doing it Kari? I mean, it's, you know, it's gonna be certified. It's over. The votes have been counted. There's no turning back. 

Tram Mai: So, do you think she should concede? Or should have done it a while ago?

Jan Brewer: I do. Absolutely. Yeah.

Tram Mai: Okay. And finally, you know, we talked about this, the Republican party, obviously, so divided this past election. What kind of Republican leader do we need?

Jan Brewer:  I think we need a Republican leader that will step up and talk to all Republicans because Republicans aren't like little sheep. We just don't follow one after the other. We have independent thinkers. We think things differently than one little person we are. Everybody has a point of view. And we're vocal, and we spread the word, and you need a leader that can bring that all together, and respect everybody and have that opportunity to get everybody on that level. And I hope that that's what happens in Arizona. That is really, really important.

Tram Mai: And you're hopeful that there is a good leader out there still for your party?

Jan Brewer: I'm hoping. I'm hoping.

Tram Mai: Does it make you want to run again? 

Jan Brewer:  No, no, NO, NO. 

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