PHOENIX - Matt Sunter and Kel Orsi know a thing or two about tennis.

"My friend and I have been working all around the world, in England, Australia, Europe and now here in America," said Sunter.

The pair are the head coaches at IJP Tennis, a local junior tennis development program.

The focus is on getting young kids involved in tennis, and helping them develop the fundamental skills needed for future success.

"Now tennis is designed with smaller racquets, softer tennis balls to allow a child to be able to play the game of tennis from an earlier age," said Sunter.

At IJP Tennis, they use a pathway program.

Different color tennis balls for different age groups allow kids to rally and play tennis and fall in love with the sport.

"They're rallying together from a younger age, and they enjoy it, it's more fun," said Sunter.

The team at IJP Tennis hopes the skills these kids develop extend beyond the tennis court.

"It teaches the kids so many life skills. We want them to be able to use the skills they learned not just on the tennis court but to be able to use that in their life," sai Sunter.