It is week three of Friday Night Fever after an exciting second week of our 30th season. 

In last week's Fan Vote Game of the Week vote, we had two games that went down to the wire on the poll, but in the end it was Cactus at Ironwood that won by less than 100 votes. Cactus defeated Ironwood in that game 28-20.

This week, we have a fresh poll for week two and some exciting matchups to choose from, so help us pick one of the high school football games we'll cover for week two of Friday Night Fever.

Vote below and see highlights for your favorite school on TV this Friday night at 11:35 p.m. on Friday Night Fever.

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This week, choose between Millenium at Desert Edge, Williams Field at Verrado, Arizona Lutheran at Valley Christian and North Canyon at Cactus Shadows.

Vote below! The poll closes Thursday at noon.

While you're at it, click here to vote for our Hot Shot Play of the Week from Week 2!