SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Some Arizona’s most elite quarterback talent came together over the weekend for a camp hosted by Elev8 Sports Academy and local quarterback coach Mike Giovando.

“A lot of these guys don’t train with each other because they’re from different sides of town, we said let’s have a camp, get all these kids together so they can see each other,” said Giovando, who described it as a big family get together.

The ‘family get together’ brought in more than 100 quarterbacks from across Arizona as well as state like California, Colorado and Idaho. 

It also brought back some local quarterbacks turned Division 1 talent such as Oklahoma’s Spencer Rattler, Cal’s Spencer Brasch and Purdue’s Jack Plummer. 

“They’ve followed the careers of these guys on Twitter and Instagram and know all about them and now they get to rub elbows with them. What a cool thing.” 

On Sunday, the young football players huddled around the returning talent as they spoke about what it took to become a college athlete, while Spencer Rattler shared about his particular experience at Oklahoma when former Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts transferred into the program and won the starting job. 

“I learned a lot, but fighting for that position was fun to me,” Rattler said. “I’ve never been a dude to back down from nobody, I just had fun with it and if you’re a competitor you’re going to compete and go full speed at everything. It’s up to you, man.” 

“You get to talk to him and see what it’s like so you’re more prepared when you get there and it just motivates you to want to be where they are,” Higley High School quarterback Kai Millner said.

You can learn more about Elev8 Sports Academy here.