Editor's note: The above video is from an Oct. 2 newscast

PHOENIX - Three weeks after the school district officially fired former Mountain Pointe High School coach Justin Hager, caught leaking game plans and plays to opponents, the Arizona Interscholastic Association has given the school a warning. 

"Mountain Pointe was given a warning by the Executive Board based on the attempted recruiting aspect of the violation," the AIA said in a statement. 

The warning is only for the girls basketball program, as the recruiting violation was related to that team alone, the AIA says.

According to the AIA, It’s the second level of penalties. The next level would be probation, where sanctions would be placed. The school is also not eligible for the "Overall Excellence Award" this year.

Additionally, the AIA says no other schools will be investigated further regarding the e-mail portion of the incident. 

"Communication from the schools during the investigation revealed that most everyone had simply deleted the e-mails from the walterpayton12@yahoo.com account when it came in," the AIA said in a statement. 

Emails obtained by 12 News showed Hager allegedly sent vital information to at least 10 opposing coaches from the anonymous email account, "walterpayton12@yahoo.com."

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The Tempe Union High School District Governing Board voted unanimously to dismiss Justin Hager on Oct. 2, while providing evidence as to how they caught him. 

Hager had previously tried to quit, but the district's board of governors refused to accept his resignation so they could formally fire him. 

Hager was placed on paid administrative leave after attempting to resign, meaning he continued to collect a $90,000-a-year salary while the district finalized the process.

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In a statement of charges, TUHSD says head football coach Rich Wellbrock was informed about about the anonymous emails by a coach at Faith Lutheran in Las Vegas. Wellbrock says he heard about the Walter payton email address twice before, once from a coach at Brophy Prep, and another time from his own offensive coordinator. According to the report, Wellbrock thought it was just someone he had upset during his career.

The tip from the coach in Las Vegas however, prompted Wellbrock to do some personal investigating. Coaches at Mountain View High School and Pinnacle admitted to Wellbrock they had received emails from the same WalterPayton12 alias, confirming a problem.

At this point, Wellbrock's son, who is an assistant coach took the following steps to try and figure out who was behind the WalterPayton12@yahoo.com email account.

1.Went to Yahoo Log In

2.Typed in WalterPayton12

3.Stated that he forgot his password

4. A retrieval phone came up ending in "80"

5. Stated he did not have access to the phone

6. A retrieval email came up as j****er@tempeunion.org

The board based the dismissal on two charges in connection with emailing critical strategies to opposing coaches: unprofessional conduct and improper use of district technology.

These charges are required to be reported to the state, which regulates all teaching certificates. This means the firing could give the state reason to revoke Hager’s certificate for good.

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