GLENDALE, Ariz. --- 2017 marks 30 years since the song “One Shining Moment” debuted on CBS. The music, written by a man named David Barrett, was first used after Indiana won the national championships in 1987.

“Then the game ends, and they break into ‘One Shining Moment,’” remembered Barrett in a video for NCAA. “And I’m like ‘exactly! That’s it!’”

“It was cinematic, it captured everything that I had in mind when I wrote it,” he said.

It was originally supposed to air at the end of the 21st Super Bowl, but their coverage went long and it was dropped from the show.

Since then, CBS has edited a montage to wrap the network coverage of the college basketball season that plays after the championship game.

“One Shining Moment, this many years later, is how vital and how important it is…it’s part of the lifeblood of this event,” said Jim Nantz, of CBS Sports. “Every kid who takes the stage knows the song, knows the lyrics, knows what it means, dreams of stepping foot on that platform come Monday night and that song is being played for them.”

Watch the NCAA March Madness report on the historic song below:

SB Nation reports the song has changed over the years, using different singers or voiceovers, but the song has for the most part stayed the same.