PHOENIX - Baron Corbin is back in Arizona.

"It's always good to come back to Arizona. I lived down here for a couple years when I played for the Cardinals. I still have family here, my uncle, my little cousins, they all live out here," said Corbin.

Not only does Corbin get to spend time with family, but he's also set to take part in a big WWE pay-per-view event, Elimination Chamber.

"When you're getting to go out in front of 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 people, and you have family in the crowd, it just adds to the emotion of everything," said Corbin.

His time with the Cardinals was short. Corbin was signed by the team in 2010 but released in 2011.

He does however have a very memorable story from his time with the team.

"One time at training camp, I got into a fight during practice, and I punched a teammate in the face," said Corbin.

When Corbin met with offensive line coach Russ Grimm, he thought he was going to be reprimanded or fined. What happened was the exact opposite.

"When I walked back Russ was like 'that a boy'. That's something that stands out in your mind," said Corbin with a smile.

"That was a cool experience I'll remember forever."