SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.- Golf is a game all about feel.

You need the right clubs to play your very best.

One Scottsdale company wants to make sure every player has the right clubs, and they'll build them for you.

So if you're looking to take your game to the next level, head to Cool Clubs.

"Essentially that's our deal, we combine technology and golf," said CEO Mark Timms. "The idea is there are thousands and thousands of combinations, we have 26,000 combinations and demos. It's trying to figure out what's right for each person."

At Cool Clubs, they know more about golf clubs than you can imagine.

They test each club meticulously to make sure they fit each player correctly.

When a player comes in for a fitting, Cool Clubs measures everything from a players swing speed to angle of impact. They take all the data and use it to build you your perfect set of golf clubs.