TEMPE, Ariz.- Some days football practice can take on a much bigger meaning.

Meet Logan Moyers, the five-year-old is battling stage three lymphoma.

Logan and his family are big-time ASU fans.

But a couple of weeks ago, ASU football was the last thing on their minds, because doctors found a large tumor in Logan's stomach.

"They said it's lymphoma. We can't take it out. And then just one prayer after the next, one miracle after the next, everybody praying for us, we were able to get it out," said Logan's father, Logan Moyers Sr.

Another miracle occurred when one of Logan's nurses found out about his love for ASU. Insert Mike Bercovici and Jordan Simone into our tale.

"Somebody reached out to me on Instagram and said we have this kid who is a big ASU fan," said Simone.

"The next day, we got a text message from Jordan saying hey we want to come visit your son," said Logan Sr.

The Duo spent hours with Logan in the hospital.

A friendship grew, and Logan was soon invited to ASU's final spring practice as a special guest of the team. The practice was held Saturday, just 24 hours after Logan was released from the hospital.

Logan got head coach Todd Graham's whistle and got to try on ASU's football helmet and gloves.

You can bet Logan will be taking his new helmet and whistle back to the hospital next week when he begins another round of chemo.