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New Sun Devils coach Herm Edwards is Catholic, says he doesn't like devils

"I'm Catholic, now, I'm a Christian. Watch out for them devils."
Herm Edwards at his introductory press conference at Arizona State. Dec. 4, 2017. (Photo: ASU live feed)

Herm Edwards may be the head football coach of the Sun Devils, but that doesn't mean he approves of the name.

In his introductory press conference Monday a reporter from Devil's Digest, an Arizona State-centric blog site, identified himself ahead of asking his question.

Edwards was thrown off by the name of the blog, which refers to ASU's nickname and is not some sort of Satanic compendium.

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"Devil's Digest, huh? Where you located, my man?" Edwards asked.

The reporter replied that he and his online outlet were located in Tempe, right where Edwards will now be located as ASU football head coach.

"I'm Catholic, now, I'm a Christian. Watch out for them devils," Edwards said, making a joke of his own while furthering the joke he was not in on.

The reporter assured Edwards that as the Sun Devils head coach, he would see devils all over Tempe.

Fired coach Todd Graham will coach ASU in the Sun Bowl, so Edwards has until next fall to get the nickname down pat.