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Former ASU women's basketball player on frontlines treating coronavirus patients

Dr. Michelle Tom is a former ASU Women’s basketball player from the late 90s, who is now treating COVID-19 patients in Winslow.

It’s not everyday you get to talk to a hero. We are so incredibly thankful for all of our healthcare workers, especially those battling the Coronavirus daily.

Dr. Michelle Tom is a former ASU Women’s basketball player from the late 90s, who is now on the frontline in Winslow, Arizona. 

She currently treats COVID-19 patients at Winslow Indian Health Care Center and Little Colorado Medial Center. The days are long and some are better than others, but her attitude, work ethic, and spirit never wavers. 

“I’m actually doing pretty good,” said Dr. Tom.  "I definitely have to count my blessing everyday that I really truly get to do what I love.”

Everyday she worries she could contract the coronavirus, but that’s when her years and years of knowledge and studying kick in. 

“As soon as one moment of despair happens, in the next moment you have guidance and support and your colleagues there with you to make a difference," she said.

Dr. Tom recently moved out her of house because she wants to keep her family safe, and is prepared not to return until at least 2 months. 

“We’re just starting Northern Arizona. We might hit a peak estimated in the middle of May, and we’ve already been at capacity this (past) week," she said.

Like all hospitals, they need more supplies and are accepting donations. But in the meantime, Dr. Tom is so thankful for all the messages of hope and positivity she gets daily. 

“I go back to them. I go back to them," Dr. Tom said. "There are times where it’s quite difficult. So it’s nice to be reminded that people appreciate you, that they’re praying for you and sending positive thoughts your way.”