For Arizona State University freshman Jenna Hanson, moving into the Taylor Places dorms on the ASU Downtown Campus is an emotional experience.

“I’m nervous but I’m excited, but I think my mom is more excited than me," said Hanson.

Denise Hanson has taken the long walk and emotional ride up the elevator with her two other kids. But seeing Jenna off to college marks a new milestone. She’ll be an empty nester.

"I think in two weeks when we have all three away it is really going to hit home at the dinner table. Life is going to be much different, " said Denise Hanson.

Jenna and Denise weren't alone as dozens of new ASU students and parents unpacked their dreams and pushed on towards their future.

"Obviously I’m nervous but it’s super exciting to start this new chapter in my life so I’m excited for it," said Jenna Hanson.

"You’re so super proud but it just a big adjustment as a parent, as well, so it’s going to be a tough day but I'll get through it," said Denise Hanson.

The first day of classes on all ASU campuses is next Thursday.