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ASU Men's Ice Hockey team boasts successful start early on in program's history

ASU men's hockey is in its 7th season with the NCAA and it's their last season playing at Oceanside Arena. They're moving to a new arena on ASU’s campus.
Credit: Jared Dobiecki

TEMPE, Ariz. — There’s only one way to train on Arizona State University's men’s hockey team, and that's with intensity. Greg Powers is the team's head coach. 

“They start their days by working out on campus, doing off-ice workouts," Powers said. "Then they come over here and they’re here on the ice for a couple hours every day.”

So when the Devils get a chance to play against their own teammates on the ice in a three-on-three tournament, it's no surprise the friendly competition heats up for players like Josh Doan. 

“Yeah, yeah, it’s always good to take it back to your childhood roots and have a little game with it," Doan said. “We enjoy these parts we get to have fun and enjoy yourself."

Josh Doan, son of retired Arizona Coyotes great Shane Doan, is in his freshman year on ASU’s team. He’s creating his own hockey path for himself.

“My goal is to play in the NHL at the end of the day," Doan said. 

ASU’s program which Doan is a part of, is fairly new. And this year, the guys have an opportunity to have their third winning season in just six years.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to send a few guys on to the National Hockey League in our infant stages in the program, and a lot more overseas and into minor league hockey," Powers said. "But all these guys want to play pro hockey. That’s their goal. That’s been their lifelong dream.”

A Sun Devil even took the worldwide spotlight in the 2022 Winter Olympics. Peter Zhong played for Team China in Beijing.

“He’s going to go down in history as our first Olympian to ever play for our program and that’s an incredible accomplishment for him," Powers said.

ASU hockey is in its seventh season with the NCAA and it's their last season they’re going to play at Oceanside arena. They're moving to a new arena on ASU’s campus.

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