TEMPE, Ariz. - They've been playing basketball for 106 years at Arizona State University, but never has the team started a season 10-0, until now. The best start in school history is causing a hype that has arguably never been seen on campus.

"We're a basketball school now," one student was heard yelling as he left Wells Fargo Arena. That statement might be a little premature, but the fifth ranked Sun Devils are currently enjoying a better record and higher ranking than their rivals in Tucson.

"We have friends down south, but we will give them a good game," ASU fan Gloria Leopard said as she was leaving Sunday's game. "This is wonderful, they deserve it. The crowd was so great today," Leopard said.

Cherylle Westfall and her husband Jeff have been coming to ASU basketball games since their days as students in 1965. They were around for the No. 3 ranking in 1981 but can't remember hype like this in December.

"I'm thrilled for the team, the students, the coach, because they just haven't had this kind of support. It's just really super," Cherylle said.

ASU is back at home on Tuesday Dec. 19 against Longwood. The Sun devils will travel to Tucson to take on Arizona on Dec. 30.