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Dads… Grab the kiddos and do something special for mom!

Just follow these simple steps to make mom a hearty homemade breakfast in bed featuring FARMER JOHN® bacon and breakfast sausage that will satisfy her taste buds and tug at her heartstrings:

Step 1

Get a special breakfast tray that can be used to serve mom breakfast in bed.

Step 2

Bake FARMER JOHN® bacon in the oven at 350 degrees. Check after 15-20 minutes for the perfect crispness.

Step 3

Use skillet to scramble eggs (hint: use a little milk for fluffier eggs)

Add shredded cheese once eggs are cooked

Step 4

Cook FARMER JOHN® breakfast sausage in skillet

Step 5

Toast 2 pieces of bread

Step 6

Plate FARMER JOHN® bacon and breakfast sausage, eggs and toast with a side of butter and jam

Step 7

Bring to mom Mother’s Day morning with a glass of OJ (include a single long stem rose on the bed side table!)

Watch mom enjoy a wonderfully delicious start to her day!

Now through Mother’s Day, you can get special savings on FARMER JOHN® bacon and breakfast sausage at any Albertsons or Safeway in Phoenix!