No, it wasn't just you. It was actually pretty hot last week.

Temperatures in Phoenix reached well above 110 the entire week. Records were broken, eggs were cooked and flights were grounded. Fortunately, street signs didn't melt.

And if that wasn't enough -- heat hysteria took over social media.

Apparently, it was so hot in Phoenix that...

A cactus "melted"

Other things "melted"

This plastic mailbox melted due to the heat in Mesa, Arizona from mildlyinteresting

More things "melted"

I live in Arizona and my neighbors put up this fake rock plastic wall over the winter. It's slowly melting away in the heat.

Oven mitts got new jobs.

My must-have tool for trash-day in the Phoenix...

And cars became ovens.

It's a miracle we got through it...

But fear not, Phoenix! Relief is in the forecast.

I guess you know you it's summertime in the Valley when a "cool down" is simply the temps dropping below 110.