As the old saying goes, "honesty is the best policy."

And this sentiment is no more evident than in the brutally honest "sick note" posted online by Blake Pendlebury.

According to Mashable, Pendlebury is the owner of Gaslight Pizza in Queensland, Australia. After spending an afternoon at a horse race, betting and drinking, he made the executive decision to not open his shop after becoming a little too drunk.

The following post to his shop's Facebook page was the sick note of all sick notes.

Overall, the responses from Pendlebury's customers has been positive.

Claire Stachurski commented on the post, saying "that's possibly the very best "sick note" she's ever seen.

Jodie Adams left another comment sharing her appreciation for Pendlebury's honesty.

While it might not work out so well for those who are not self-employed, in this case, honesty proved to be the way to go.