Jen Anderson Shattuck struck back on Facebook after a man approached her and her son in a park and criticized his choice of attire: a tutu.

Three-and-a-half-year-old Roo likes trucks, jigsaw puzzles, eating plums, and wearing sparkly tutus, according to Shattuck.

"My son has worn tutus to church. He has worn tutus to the grocery store. He has worn tutus on the train and in the sandbox," Shattuck said.

She said he wears the tutus because they make him feel "brave and beautiful."

While Shattuck said most of the time Roo's tutus are a non-issue, a man "accosted" them in a park on Aug. 23.

"She shouldn't keep doing this to you," the man apparently said to the pair. "You're a boy. She's a bad mommy. It's child abuse."

Shattuck called the police and made a report, then took to Facebook to defend her son and her parenting choices.

The post garnered dozens of comments and thousands of shares -- over 43,000 at last count.

Here's what Shattuck had to say about supporting her son:

But I can say this: I will not be intimidated. I will not be made to feel vulnerable or afraid. I will not let angry strangers tell my son what he can or cannot wear.

The world may not love my son for who he is, but I do. I was put on this earth to make sure he knows it.

I will shout my love from street corners.

I will defend, shouting, his right to walk down the street in peace, wearing whatever items of clothing he wants to wear.

I will show him, in whatever way I can, that I value the person he is, trust in his vision for himself, and support his choices---no matter what anybody else says, no matter who tries to stop him or how often.

Our family has a motto. The motto is this:

We are loving.

We are kind.

We are determined and persistent.

We are beautiful and brave.

We know who we are. Angry strangers will not change who we are. The world will not change who we are---we will change the world.

On Sunday, Shattuck posted again to Facebook, thanking their many Facebook supporters.

Friends, we are so grateful.

As of this writing, our story has been shared more than THIRTY THOUSAND times.

If you have written me, know that I have read your message and that your words have touched me deeply. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness (and for the many photos you have sent of your dress-, skirt-, and tutu-loving offspring, who are adorable.)

She talked more about parenthood and raising children, saying that parents are "called to show them how to love without condition."