It's not every day that you get the chance to bring your four-legged friend to work with you. So on days like "National Take Your Dog to Work Day" you have to take full advantage.

On this adorable holiday, our good friend David Laucks shared a wonderful memory with us.

About two years ago, while working in Sacramento, David decided to take his now-8-year-old service dog, Sherman, to work.

On that particular day, David was cleaning out his shop's showcase when a customer walked in. His attention immediately went to the customer and away from the showcase.

That's when Sherman, apparently fed up with this work stuff (everyone feels you), saw the open display case as a chance to catch some much needed Zs.

"Sherman crawled into it, laid down and started snoring," David said. "So I left him there to enjoy his 3 hour nap."

The big Bullmastiff was hard to miss sleeping in the glass display and David said customers had a good time and some even offered to buy him.

"'How much is that doggy in the showcase?'," David said. "We all had a great chuckle."

Your work napping is an inspiration to us all, Sherman. Thanks for sharing, David!

David and Sherman. (Photo: David Laucks)