Need a break from politics on Facebook?

There are multiple ways to get around the political minefield that is your News Feed, even if you don’t have the heart to unfriend people. All you need is a browser extension.

If you use Google Chrome, you can just switch it off. An extension called Remove All Politics From Facebook provides an on-off switch for political posts.

Another browser extension, Social Fixer, allows you to block political posts and beyond on multiple browsers. The extension also allows you to hide other types of posts you don’t want to see, like spoiler or celebrity posts.

There are no workarounds for Facebook’s mobile app. So if you primarily use Facebook on your phone, your best bet would be to unfollow the people who constantly post about politics. You can do this by selecting the downward arrow on any post in your feed.

The unfollow option allows you to remain friends with the person, but you won’t see that person’s posts anymore.