KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Every year, especially on Mother’s Day and on her birthday, she wondered about her.

Kimberly Sebeck, a doula and childbirth educator whose life’s work is coaching other women into motherhood, wondered about the one who gave her up — young and unmarried, really, was all she knew.

Cheri Hahn DeSalvo wondered about the infant daughter she held in her arms for less than an hour. What was her name? Did she pass her in the aisles of the grocery story, at the local ice-cream stand? Was she happy? Did she even know she was adopted?

Through the years, both women posted on adoption boards and forums and scoured the Internet for clues, knowing virtually nothing except each heart’s longing to find the other.

A yearning heart can’t pluck another out of all the thousands in the country, like a needle in a haystack, with only the most basic of details: a scared teenager, a baby girl born on Oct. 8, 1972, in a Florida emergency room.

But DNA can.

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