A high school student is checking his email, waiting for something from Emma Stone. Emma, if you are reading this, watch the video.

Jacob Staudenmaier is hoping Emma will go with him to Arcadia High School prom in a few weeks.

Jacob filmed an elaborate prom-posal in the style of the opening song from her recent film, La La Land. He had help from dozens of classmates and a few teachers.

Jacob wrote new lyrics to "Another Day of Sun," describing what prom would be like. 

"I hope you'll want to come on down

I'll see your face and think of how

I got so lu-cky.

People say I look like Ryan Gos-ling

And maybe that's a bit far fetched.

Please don't let me down!

It'd be in your home-town!

The coolest guy around!

The Valley of the Sun!"

Emma is from the Valley, born and raised in sunny Scottsdale.

Jacob said he hasn't picked out a tux just yet, but he's planning to get one soon.

Arcadia High School prom is April 29 at the Bentley Projects in downtown Phoenix.

Emma is welcome to email Jacob here.