When it comes to local breweries in the Phoenix area -- there's plenty of beer to go around.

From Four Peaks to Huss and San Tan -- the beer pours well in the Valley and it tastes great.

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But not even the 20-year-old beer powerhouse (Kilt Lifter, anyone?) made a recent list of "The Best Local Breweries in the U.S."

That distinction belongs to both Phoenix's Helio Basin Brewing Co. and Scottsdale's Goldwater Brewing Co

The list, published on Travel+Leisure for National Beer Day, refers to a Yelp ranking that used an algorithm analyzing the quantity and quality of reviews for each brewery in the past year. 

Only two breweries per state could make the list, according to T+L.

Helio Basin was No. 13 while Goldwater ranked two spots ahead at No. 11.

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One of the biggest, national names on the list Samuel Adams Brewery in Massachusetts ranked No. 2 behind the "best brewery" Allagash Brewing Company in Maine.