December is a good time to reflect on the stories that made an impact on our lives in 2018. Perhaps no story captivated Arizona like the #RedforEd protests. Here's an update on their impact and where the movement stands now.

“How did it get so late so soon?”, wondered dr. Seuss. I’m pondering the same, as we prepare for the 20th year of the 21st century.

December is a good time for reflection, to look back at the stories that have impacted us, moved us, changed us.

We’ve used this “Extra Point” segment to flesh out plenty of topics in 2018; perhaps the most impactful, were the commentaries I wrote about the Red For Ed movement back in April.

The teacher strike lasted less than a week, but its impact is still rippling through Arizona.

Red For Ed solidified education as the top issue in our state, spawning a slew of political candidates with backgrounds in education. And thanks in part to a generationally large voter turnout, some of them won.

Diane Douglas didn’t make it out of the GOP primary in her bid for re-election. she’ll be replaced by Democrat Kathy Hoffman, a former preschool teacher and speech pathologist.

Governor Doug Ducey began rolling out his 20 by 2020 plan, ensuring raises for our educators and guaranteeing some much needed funding.

Prop 207, “The Invest in Education Act” was added to the midterm ballot, then removed. The state supreme court ruled its wording was too ambiguous.

But there is nothing ambiguous about the intentions of Red For Ed organizers. They are far from finished. Arizona’s education budget is still hundreds of millions of dollars short of pre-recession levels.

2018 proved our teachers and administrators have a powerful voice, and they’re not going to stay silent any longer, even if they have to leave their classrooms and pack the capitol to make us listen.